Detroit Police Bust “Rave”; Dubstep Group REWARDS Underage Drinkers

Over the past few years the Detroit Police Department has gained quite the reputation for raiding afterhours establishments illegally and ticketing near everyone in attendance; they’re even facing a lawsuit for it. However, it seems that the tides have changed and Detroit Police may have gotten it right this time. Perhaps the real problem with these “rave” style events lies with the event host and underage patrons.

According to people who attended an event called “OUTTA TOWN OUTTA MIND” at the Exotic Zone Gallery located just a few miles from Wayne State University, police raided the building around 1:50 a.m. on January 30th because neither the building owner nor the event host, Dubstep Grand Rapids had the proper permits for the event.

Once inside, police discovered several people with open containers of alcohol and dozens of underage patrons who were under the influence. Police executed breathalyzers and issued Minor in Possession citations (MIPs) to anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 that was found to have alcohol in their system.

(Picture has been temporarily removed at request of Facebook user.)

While the event was for those who are 18 years or older and Dubstep Grand Rapids did not directly provide alcohol to minors, some people are still severely questioning the ethics of the electronic music group because of the “deal” they offered to those ticketed by police.

In the days following the Detroit Police raid, Dubstep Grand Rapids announced via its facebook page that they would compensate those who received an MIP by giving them a 30% discount on all shows and events for one year if they simply emailed them a picture of their citation. The announcement generated tons of feedback from underage patrons, many praising the group and leaving some to wonder if the company gave the wrong message to teens and young adults.

The announcement from Dubstep Grand Rapids that gives minors a discount for receiving tickets for underage drinking.

One facebook user by the name of Ashley* posted, “If following the rules means paying twice as much and not even having a good time…sh*t I’m happy I got an MIP…”

Another facebook user by the name of Karly* posted, “Uhm, I blew a .023, and still got an MIP. That sh*t was totally worth it though…it was awesome and now we get into raves for free, for a year?!?! TOTALLY worth it…”

One must wonder if Dubstep Grand Rapids may have made an error in judgment by trying to compensate those who received MIPs. Rather than apologize for not receiving the proper permits and ending the night early, the group rewarded minors for breaking the law. Furthermore, patrons who were of the legal drinking age must feel a bit slighted, as they did not receive the same discount on upcoming shows and are almost penalized for following the law.

It’s important to note that Detroit Chic is dedicated to local art and entertainment and fully and wholeheartedly supports all local artists. However, as a writer and an artist I respectfully assert my opinion that rewarding people for breaking the law sends a bad message to teens and young adults and can’t help but to encourage all groups and artists to be mindful of the message they send because after all, art – particularly music is a very powerful medium.

*Full names have been omitted.

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  1. Spencer:

    I think this entire article has skewed the situation way out of proportion. First off, the event was intended to be strictly NON-ALCOHOLIC as it shows on the flier, and anyone found with alcohol were asked to leave. As far as you implying that Dubstep GR is promoting underage drinking by offering a deal to those who got MIPs is entirely wrong as well, it’s simply an act of apology for not preparing the event as it should have been, in which causing them to get MIPs. In no way does that support underage drinking, which is just a ridiculous claim to make after the even was promoted specifically as NON-ALCOHOLIC.

  2. Dan Hill:

    wow fuck you

  3. Zoo:

    The only reason you even wrote this article is because you blew a .04 & got an MIP! You are responsible for your actions quit blaming other people for what you did! It was your actions and others that caused the event to be shut down! Don’t drink under age and sneak illegal spirits in to dry venues!

  4. Jason Mick:


    As Detroit Chic’s senior editor, I just wanted to chime in.

    First, all of my writers, including Liz are big music fans. I would by no means would call myself a dubstep expert, but I have listened to it and love what I’ve heard from local artists in Hammtramck (@ Mars Bar, etc.) and online (e.g. Skrillex).

    Let’s not delude ourselves, drug use and abuse including alcohol (our society’s condoned drug of choice) has always gone hand in hand with the electronic music scene. And most people would admit that they’ve drank underage, so it’s hard to act holier than thou on the topic.

    That said, there’s a big difference between a irrational teenager making the the foolish decision to drink and a business promoting that foolish decision.

    Perhaps this is getting blown out of proportion, and perhaps Dubstep GR didn’t mean to be supporting teens breaking the law and endangering themselves/others, but when they made that offer that’s EXACTLY what they ARE doing whether THEY REALIZE IT OR NOT.

    If they told the teens not to drink @ the event, why should they apologize to those who broke there rules? C’mon that makes no sense.

    In short, teens screw up and do stupid things; that’s part and parcel with the territory. But when a business offers this kind of a promotion it damages their credibility and sends the wrong signal.

    Likely it is a misunderstanding, and hopefully Dubstep GR retracts their dubious offer.

    I read over what Liz wrote, and I agree with it.

    If you honestly agree with Dubstep GR’s promotion, I think you’re letting either:
    A) Your past experience with underage drinking
    B) Your support of Dubstep GR
    C) Your own alcohol use
    …blind you to the fact that the group sent the wrong message here.

    Adults need to show a GOOD example for kids, not promote their bad behavior.

    Again, it’s not too late for Dubstep GR to scrap the discount and prove that the adults making money off this business want to set a good example, rather than an abusive one, for the teens who are heavy patrons of their business.

    If you don’t agree with that, try to formulate a better rational argument than “f*ck you”. Otherwise, you just look like an angry kid whose worried they’re going to loser their discount. (I do appreciate the info you provided, Spencer, but I think again your justifications don’t really make sense…)

  5. Jason Mick:

    Er… Liz is 23, Zoo. And she wasn’t at the event, though she knew people who attended.

    If the org intended it as a dry venue why would they give kids discounts who bought in booze and were busted? Please let inform us as to how exactly that makes a scrap of sense…

    Give me a break.

  6. ElizabethDeRoo:


    I would just like to clarify that I wasn’t at the event and that I am above the legal drinking age so I’m not sure why you would have the impression that my article is driven by my anger about an MIP I didn’t receive. I would also like to ask you, as an artist who was scheduled to perform at this event – do you support this type of promotion by Dubstep GR dispite the fact that it cost you your performance and most likely some amount of money?

    Just wondering,


  7. Zoo:

    Ok, I stand corrected but there is a article written by an under 21 kid that was drinking at or before the event! I know this from a family member of hers! I assumed this was said article! I am a member of PLURfect, we felt bad that the kids got burned and wanted to help them out so they could still come out and have some fun this year and be able to pay their tickets. In hind sight, it is being looked at as we are upholding their delinquency. This is by far not the truth! We are trying to remove the old stigmata encircling the electronic music scene from the 90′s. I acted hastily in my first response by the accusing part, but this article is one sided in my opinion. I did loose my set time along with 1 other DJ. I also feel I got shorted on what I should have been pay’d!
    But I am involved to make music, dj, do lighting and sound.. Also the way the police went about this, they knew we were running a dry event! They knew we try’d to keep people from consuming illegal beverages at the event. I talked to them after they calmed down & found out just what went wrong so that our events at non bar locations will be proper! We will be hiring off duty police to do searches at the door and as our security.
    We will be pulling permits for dance hall requirements at all non bar locations. PLURfect is not Dubstep GR, we did however help their show go as smoothly as possible. For those of you who do not know what plur is
    It means PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT. We want the EDM scene to have that again as it is missing in Detroit.

  8. Sandals:

    @Zoo… the kids got burned? They broke the law, how is it that they got burned?

  9. Jason Mick:

    Hi Zoo,
    I’m not quite sure what this other story is you were referring to, but I totally respect most of what you’re saying. But I think giving kids who got MIPs discounts is the wrong message, even if you didn’t realize you were sending it.

    I think it’s great that you tried to run a dry event, and we’re sorry that irresponsible people led to YOU losing money and time.

    And we wish you the best musically!

    But I would urge you to reconsider what message you’re sending here. Think about it… you’re giving discounts to people who RUINED your event. Aside from the whole legality of it, does that make any sense as a business person/artist/musician. Would you really reward people for inadvertently destroying your work?

    I understand they were just irresponsible kids, but why reward that??

    That’s all Liz was saying…

  10. Kylefabulous:

    I think this is pretty cut and dry. Essentially, some new school promoters tried to come (from out of town) and throw an event in a scene they know nothing about.
    They clearly didn’t put the time and effort into acquiring proper permits and planning a functional and safe event. It’s people like DubStep GR who perpetuate our ever tarnished image of the rave scene.

    On another note – I sympathize with those who were ticketed for imbibing alcohol. Let’s face it – we’ve all drank under age. It’s pretty common place in our society. This comes down to one simple matter. There is no exception to law. Sadly, in our society if you choose to drink under age – or do drugs – or drive with out a seat belt – you have to be prepared to pay consequences.

    I guess my point here is responsibility. All around. By every party involved. Promoters need to be responsible for their actions. They need to be held accountable for their actions. It’s a risk you take when planning a public event. Just the same as party goers need to be responsible whilst being intoxicated in public.

  11. Dan Hill:

    To the 2 people that keep saying that the discount is bad for a business aspect well then thats all you will ever pay attention to in life. This discount goes WAY beyond a business perception on it. Its directly to and for the kids who have to deal with having an MIP, whether its their 3rd one, they only drank a beer get rid of a dry mouth, or their parents are really super strict and completely think they failed them cuz of getting an MIP at a rave. Whatever the situation is… thats what its for, to have some sort of compensation for when the most epic night of their life was happening and it gets taken away from them. ALSO Dubstep GR is no longer a business anyways, it was completely done after that show. I dont care what you say about it from here on out, if you don’t get it then like i stated b4… wow fuck you.

  12. JasonMick:

    @ Dan Hill’s comment 2.0…
    “Its directly to and for the kids who have to deal with having an MIP”
    EXACTLY that’s why it’s a horrible idea.
    “Its directly to and for the kids who have to deal with having an MIP, whether…they only drank a beer get rid of a dry mouth”
    Really? Wow, you honestly believe that?
    “ALSO Dubstep GR is no longer a business anyways, it was completely done after that show.”
    Then how were they offering people discounts??
    “if you don’t get it then…”
    I get dubstep, I get music, what I don’t get is people not owning up to their actions and being responsible. You screwed up and were busted. Now try not to be a whiny mess.

  13. Nora:

    The sponsors have it all wrong. The kids think that getting a MIP is okay as long as the get free or discounts to future events. They need to learn that underage drinking is not something that is cool.

  14. Sandals:

    Very well said. Responsibility seems to be a new concept these days.

  15. kalee:

    the reason Dubstep GR is granting a **30%** discount on shows for the MIP recipients is compensation for not having the right permits, wasting their time and money, not to mention most of the alcohol found in the place was NOT from minors. You need to get your facts straight, and a spell check program would help too. And I agree, this article is skewed and stupid. Wow, you wrote an article solely on a facebook event. Any bored, uninvited nerd could have done that. good job

  16. kalee:

    also, I don’t really think the producers care about whether their message is “right” or “wrong”. Obviously raves would not make half as much money if it weren’t for drugs and alcohol. Way to state the obvious.

  17. ElizabethDeRoo:

    @ Kalee:

    I have a question, if the compensation is for not having the right permit then how come not everyone gets the discount? Only people with MIPs get a discount? That’s ridiculous.

  18. kalee:

    Ask yourself this question and think verrrryyyy carefully.

    How can 600 people prove they were at this event besides with copies of their MIP’s?

    If you come up with anything, please, let me or someone know.

  19. kalee:

    and can’t you read the part about how most of the alcohol found was from people 21+?
    you’re officially dumb and not worth arguing with.

  20. ElizabethDeRoo:

    So because the people who went to the event and didn’t break the law can’t prove that they were there so they still have to pay full price for future events? That’s the argument here? If they really wanted to compensate for the event being terminated early then why not have a free event for everyone instead of handing out discounts to kids who got ticketed?

  21. ElizabethDeRoo:

    Again, another comment that logically doesn’t make sense! If most of the alcohol was found from people 21+, how did people still get MIPs?

  22. b:

    The true story will be told. We are not promoting Drinking or drug use at any of the events! Will people use yes, this is the plurfect opportunity to teach the youth what the electronic music scene is all about THE MUSIC! Am I sorry for the bust ….. Damn right I am ….Please stay tuned I will be talking to the staff and getting the story straight till then Please keep your comments P.L.U.R and remember DETROIT CHICK is just doing there job.” how many news company’s get the story straight when they haven’t talked to the right people” NONE! and thats ok we all expect this to happen. PLEASE KEEP IT PLUR and thanks, your friend DJ Beaver

  23. Dan Hill:

    they were drinking in their cars. and ya nobody should argue anymore cuz clearly the people who DON’T get it have nothing better to say then the same argument over and over again. Stop it you have no life. Enjoy criticizing people you dumb asses. This is so stupid especially considering the ONLY people it bothers is either the person who wrote this article or someone who is close to her. STOP IT non of you have any life if this seriously bothers you. I was mad for a second cuz of how rediculous the negative opinions were but now i can tell its just there way of living so im gonna piss off and enjoy myself. HAVE A GOOD ONE

  24. Dan Hill:

    O yes btw. i do believe that. I know two cases in which someone was out chillin in a car and had nothing to drink while they were there so they decided to have 1 beer. as soon as they walked in the cops came. There was only 2 minors that drank inside.

  25. ElizabethDeRoo:

    Yes, we will be contacting Dubstep GR/PLUR Perfect for information regarding the event. In the meantime, I’d like to point out that Detroit Chic isn’t slamming the event or dubstep music at all – in fact you can expect articles in the near future about other dubstep artists. From what we hear, the event was great but that wasn’t the point of the article, the problem was that after the event was busted – Dubstep GR offered a discount to the kids that were caught drinking. We only respectfully asked that Dubstep GR retract their offer and show that they won’t reward kids for breaking the law.

  26. amy:

    breaking news: you don’t have to bring drinks inside of a venue to have alcohol in your system!

  27. Eierkopf:

    wow you are a cunt!!!!! it’s people like you that are fisting are scene….. so why don’t you just take your fancy “blog” and fuck yourself with it…. I have been in the scene for 10 years and if your bitch ass cant take one rad then you my friend do not need to be coming to events……. Hell back in my day if the event lasted past 1:30am and the cops never came you were doing fucking good………. SO IM NOT GOING TO WAST ANYMORE OF MY TIME BY TYPING ALL IM GOING TO SAY IS IF YOUR BITCH ASS GOT BUTT HURT OVER THE COPS GET OVER IT AND GO LISTEN TO YOUR TOP 40 POP/RAP “MUSIC” AND I WILL KEEP PRODUCING ILL TRACKS AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD

  28. A:

    I want everyone to know I attended this party. I work for a major news station and am working on a documentary about the scene. I interviewed the police and they said that there was no proof of the promoters or anyone else selling alcohol in the venue. The police also said its sad how some stupid underagers can ruin entire scenes reputations. Please start getting your facts straight before posting things like this publicly.

    The only reason people are getting in for free is because this was their first party under the new name. They want people to continue to come back. The only reason they got busted is because they missed one document they needed which they will have at all events from now on. ALSO people will be checked from now on and there will be no retry for minors so they cannot go in and out and drink in their cars like they did at this party.


    Please, start getting your facts straight.

    Also did I mention that the police stole all the door money and trashed the venue without cleaning it up? Also they were trowing people against a wall for no reason and treating everyone in the venue with no respect. The cops handled the entire situation poorly. After they found out who I work for they pulled me aside, grabbed my camera and deleted all the footage of police abuse I filmed. Then had a talk with me said “We don’t want people to get the wrong idea of what we are doing here” What they did was against the law in more ways then one.

    You need to do more research before jumping to conclusions like you did. Noone will ever follow your blog if you continue to post things with no facts to support it. You cannot base an entire event off of a couple of facebook posts.

  29. Eierkopf:


  30. b:

    PLEASE KEEP IT P.L.U.R PEOPLE, I understand what everyone is saying but this is not the way to handle things. We all are more professional then this and I expect us to handle are selves in a better manner. look for the interview I have talked to the writer.

  31. Amy:

    I can testify that the police were treating people horribly. I was pushed into the corner of a wall because I didn’t know where I was going. When I politely asked the female officer what was going on and where to go, she started swearing in my face to get the fuck in line…when there wasn’t actually a line started. They treated the people at a previous rave even worse, nearly beating the shit out of a couple people. I’m pretty sure this is exactly how a huge battle against the Detroit police started back in the 60′s…over a police raid. so yeah. I’m sure you know all this and have your facts but just to add my story.

  32. Amy:

    *the detroit riot
    -that’s what started over Detroit police treating people like crap at a party raid..

  33. Emma:

    Well said “A!” The cops were awful there, and so disrespectful, telling kids to “Shut the F*** up,” and shoving my friend against a wall… She’s anemic, 100 pounds and has bruises from it. I love your reply to this article!!

  34. ElizabethDeRoo:

    You’re post was never deleted. We moderate comments so that people don’t have to deal with spam – not because we don’t like what people have to say (otherwise, I’m sure half of these comments would have never made it live.)

  35. ElizabethDeRoo:

    I’d like to point out that the begging of the article references the current lawsuit that DPD is facing with the ACLU in regards to Funk Night at the CAID in 2008 – we’re fully aware that DPD has a bit of a history surrounding afterhours events. I’d also like to encourage all of you to make sure you check out the interview with DJ Beaver that will be posted shortly – seems that there are many different perspectives on how DPD acted that night.

  36. ElizabethDeRoo:

    I am pretty sure that the riots in the 1960′s were surrounding racism and social divide that existed between the suburbs and the inner city. Perhaps the police played a role in those riots – but these are two totally separate issues and causes and probably shouldn’t be compared on any level.

  37. Nick:

    well first of all this is no ones fault but the minors who drank. you have no proof that the 21 an ups gave the minors booze there. they all could have drank before or outside or in there cars. this still is not the fault of the planners. if they truly didn’t have there permits for anything other than the alcohol which was clearly stated this was alcohol free then the promotion for the discount on tickets to those who got mip’s makes perfect sense. there saying ok you drank before our outside an we were busted for not having permits so those of you who got in trouble at our event that we did not plan right were helping you out so you can still come to future one’s that will b planned right an have a good time. this is about the music an nothing else. no matter if you go see slipknot or Jimmy buffet your going to see under age drinking an drugs. its America for Christ sakes. so don’t try to pin the drinking an drugs on a rave there are an were plenty of sober people at this event an others I’ve been to. the promoters are trying to make up for there mistake with the discount that’s all do I think it should be offered to everyone that was there an didn’t get to see certain people play yes I think that would be more fair but I still got a good show. an ill be able to attend others as I didn’t get a ticket. now the ones that did get tickets well they still deserve to hear the music. so the promoters are helping them do that.

  38. b:

    Nick I want the kids that got mip’s there forsure they need a lesson in P.L.U.R and that the actions they made directly effected the party there is a silent “R” in plur and it is responsibility for your actions and what they may cause others by acting this way thanks, DJ Beaver

  39. ElizabethDeRoo:

    Hey everyone, feel free check out the interview Detroit Chic had with DJ Beaver from Plurfect Productions. You can find it here:

  40. amy:

    Hmmm, pretty sure I’m done talking to you and am focusing my time talking to a LEGITIMATE source now…and all I was saying is that it STARTED because of police brutality on people at a RAVE. kthxbye

  41. ElizabethDeRoo:

    I’m not sure how much MORE legitimate you can get. We did an interview with the owner of the record label…Also, the police raided that bar that people reference as “the beginning of the riots” because the men inside were black – not because people were inside drinking. I’m really not sure how this is even remotely close to this situation or how you even attempt to compare the two. But please by all means make sure you check out our article with DJ Beaver because he seems to have a very interesting approach to the MIPs and the cops busting the party and some of you may very well benefit from hearing it.

  42. amy:


  43. ElizabethDeRoo:

    I don’t know – some people posted that it was worth it – kind of makes you wonder.

  44. You're An Idiot:

    Your article is biased and you clearly misunderstood their reasons for “rewarding” minors. Their reason for doing so is because they were unclear of the permit situation. This was the companies first major event, and in a new city obviously. This is their way of showing their apologies to the fans who received MIPs. Fan appreciation is important, and these “raves” are not going away. They are only going to grow in number. Also, Dubstep Grand Rapids is not a “dubstep group.” They are an event company. You need to get your own facts straight and research on what these companies go through to make these events happen. Then perhaps you’ll have a more accurate and precise article worthy of reading, and maybe even educate your readers a little. -an insider on the company

  45. A:

    I would like to add that “interview” you did was the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard. You made it sound like he was on trial. I would like to know exactly which artists you spoke to that were angry along with what people? I happen to know many of the artists who spun that night and hardly any were upset or mad about not getting paid since the police took all the money.

    EVERYONE: I will be doing a more legit interview with beaver and some other people involved soon so keep a lookout for it :-) and it will NOT sound like he is on trial.

  46. marsippio:

    o.k. all in all the event was the shit, but it was really fucked up when all police came in the way they did, i sit and think and yeah i messed up i got a MIP but i accept it because it was my actions, anyway, couple of things kinda make me laugh in all the comments, forgot who but this girl said the cops kept the money…. i was there when they gave it back, they did take back there money they paye to get in with.(which was marked) another thing was some girl who said something about they erased all her film with the abuse.. well when i walked tot he bathroom the chick with all yellow and a headband was talking to some cop and a tall white chick(must of been evidence tech or something) and i heard her say “i work for nbc , when the cop asked her what she filmed she stated”alot i can erase anything you want” my point is people sit here and try and fuel the fire without telling the truth. all this would have been avoided if they just would of gotten there permits. o yeah and whats with pretzel walking around with a bottle of beer in his hand and totally trashed… so much for a dry event. way to show an example…. F@#$ THE POLICE AND F@#$ THE MIP I GOT…….

  47. ashley:

    LIKE. not to mention she asked the same question like 8 times. she’s a smug little twit.

  48. leah:

    bitch, shut the fuck up.

  49. Alleen Deiss:

    Thank you for the information, will keep this post in mind.

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