Niagara Nouveau

Niagara - "Bourbon"Detroit’s Pop Art Princess has been getting around, with successful exhibits in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, and Traverse City… Well a girl’s gotta début somewhere!! That’s right! Opening July 31st at InsideOut Gallery is Niagara’s first show in Michigan after ten years!

Once you see a Niagara you will never forget. There is only an insatiable need for more.

Niagara - "This Band Sucks"

It’s not every day that a world famous artist is born, bred, and stays in Detroit to make art. Now that is what I call love. It seems as if Niagara has met her muse with this city and their affection is inseparable. This “Motor City Queen” is a triple threat as an artist, theLynettesexy lead vixen in her bands (Destroy All Monsters & Dark Carnival), and as a writer (Beyond the Pale). What’s next for this leading lady? She has branched out in fashion with a series by Hysteric Glamour in Japan, and with a shoe series in collaboration with Vans. Appearance on a TV show has even already been covered with the series Offbeat America on HGTV. All that is missing from this arsenal is a movie, but even that may pop up in the future. This long list of achievements makes a proven point that this Renaissance woman really can do it all.


Photo of Niagara by Tom Pidgeon

Niagara’s iconic style is not to be forgotten. Artistically, Niagara incorporates a shifting, off-register look to her paintings. The lines are never meant to be perfect, while the colors are usually met to juxtapose. Her subjects usually consist of beautiful and dangerous heroines with hypnotized males waiting in the shadows. The femme fatale quality of Niagara’s compelling ladies shows each vamp in a range of emotion, from violent and seductive, to indulgent and virginal.

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